Un résultat opérationnel courant hors change en baisse de -15% par rapport à 2015

Consolidated net income reduced to 23.3 M€

2016 Results:

Income statement highlights

in € million (IFRS)                                                    2016            2015                      change 16/15

Revenue                                                                      457.8           445.3                                  +3 %

Current operating income
excl. exchange gains & losses                                   27.7             32.4                                  -15 %

Operating income                                                       26.1             34.4                                  -24 %

Consolidated net income                                           23.3             27.7                                 -16 %

Audit procedures on the financial statement have been completed; the certification report will be issued after verification of all legal documents.

The aerial work platform market continued to see volume growth in 2016, driven by Europe and to a lesser degree by Asia-Pacific. In this context, Haulotte Group saw 4% revenue growth (excluding foreign exchange) between 2015 and 2016, driven by the return to investment of European rental companies (+ 20% at constant exchange rates) and sustained growth from Service activity (+ 11% at constant exchange rates).

In a market that remained at its highest level, Haulotte Group faced increased competitive pressure throughout Europe all along the year, resulting in an unfavorable product mix change. This had a direct impact on 2016 current operating income (excluding impact of exchange rates), which declined by 15% and now stands at 6.1% of sales despite an improvement in industrial performance.

Operating income was also affected by a negative exchange result due to the evolution of the post-Brexit pound, and now stands 24% down compared to 2015.

Despite the lower cost of debt and a lower level of taxation, consolidated net income decreased by 16% to € 23.3 million, or 5.1% of revenue.

Over the period, the Group's net debt continued to decline (€ -3.9 million excluding guarantees given), working capital requirement and the level of investments remain stable compared to 2015.

In addition, a time extension of the syndicated loan was signed on March 10, 2017, enabling Haulotte Group to have a visibility on its financing needs until September 30, 2019

2017 Outlook

Driven by well-oriented business activity, mainly in Europe, Haulotte Group is expected to surpass 5% revenue growth in 2017, which should enable it to return to a level of current operating profitability of 7%, despite the expected rise in raw materials prices.



A dividend of € 0.22 per share – relating to fiscal year 2016 - will be proposed at the Annual General Meeting on 30 May.


Upcoming  events
Quarter 1 sales: 18 April 2017
General meeting: 30 May 2017