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HAULOTTE service contracts allow you to concentrate on your core business and increase your day-to-day competitiveness. Possessing reliable and perfectly maintained equipment, freeing you from the technical constraints of your machines, keeping maintenance costs under control, ensuring that your equipment complies with legislation at all times: service contracts adaptable to your needs.
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Complete and modular solutions

Maintenance contract

This offer covers operations relating to your machine maintenance plans. Such access to exhaustive and qualitative maintenance for machines under contract and warranty, allows you to optimise both the resale value and the utilisation rate.

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Extended warranty contract

The extended warranty is an additional offering that may be freely added to the manufacturer warranty. The customer is able to manage the repair budget without concerns about costs overruns and maximise equipment value while benefiting from simpler procedures in the event of breakdown.

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Full services contract

This offer provides the combined benefits of the maintenance and extended warranty contracts at a preferential rate.

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The periodic inspection option

Available as an add-on to our service contracts, it is designed to ensure that you strictly comply with your legal obligations while dispensing you from the scheduling tasks that are handled by Haulotte Services.

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