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RESTART by Haulotte

In response to new consumer patterns geared towards the circular economy, Haulotte has introduced a reconditioning program for the brand’s used machinery.
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Find your next used lifting platform reconditioned and certified by Haulotte!

Think about the planet and your wallet: choose a used machine reconditioned by haulotte experts!

A better business model

The RESTART by Haulotte program is an active participant in the circular economy. By buying back and repairing used machinery, Haulotte is rethinking the life cycle of its machines and extending their service life.
Reconditioning is supported by more responsible resource management in order to reduce overall energy consumption.

RESTART by Haulotte: responding to economic and ecological expectations

The RESTART by Haulotte program is part of an approach that favors more sustainable development: Haulotte’s used lifting platforms are returned and then revalued in the RESTART Center, the first “manufacturer” reconditioning center for used lifting platforms in Europe.

Using a workspace covering 3000 m², it capitalizes on a high-performance industrial tool and the technical expertise of the Haulotte teams to extend the service life of the machinery.

An effective manufacturer program

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why Haulotte has developed a professional reconditioning process to guarantee the quality and safety of its used machinery. Each lifting platform is selected then carefully inspected by the technical experts at the RESTART Center. The lifts are subject to more than 50 inspection points, in line with the Group’s standards, before being considered operational. A certificate attests that the machine is compliant with the regulations in force from its date of manufacture.

A financially advantageous alternative

Used lifting platforms enable you to build or expand your fleet at a reduced investment cost. Not only do you acquire equipment certified by the manufacturer while keeping within your budget, you also benefit from a high resale value. Result: you maximize your return on investment!

Three packages adapted to your requirements


Lifting platform ≤ 15 years old

  • Machine depersonalization and cleaning.
  • In-depth inspection (50 inspection points).
  • Implementation of mandatory recall campaigns.
  • All inoperative functions brought back into conformity.
  • Preventative maintenance carried out, if necessary.
  • Upgrading of hydraulic systems and electrical pathways.
  • Maintenance and defect indicators reset, if necessary.
  • Decals applied.
  • Verification of software and updating, if necessary.
  • Verification, adjustment and inspection of all machine functions, including those related to safety.
  • Machine registered in the MyHaulotte services portal.
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Lifting platform ≤ 10 years old

  • Safety parts replaced with new Haulotte parts, if necessary.
  • Repair or replacement of those components that are close to failure.
  • Tire replacement if wear ≥ 25%.
  • Number of hours < 150 hrs/year for electrical machines and < 500 hrs/year for diesel machines.
  • Partial aesthetic retouching.
  • 3 month warranty**.
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Certified +

Lifting platform ≤ 6 years old

  • New batteries on electrical and diesel machines.
  • Parts that are close to failure replaced with new Haulotte parts.
  • Professional paint touch-up in a paint booth
  • 6 month warranty**.
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