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Because reactivity is key in our business and thanks to our strong and professional dealer network, we would like to share with you a testimony from Adriaan Van Lingen, Camp Maintenance Supervisor at Crescent Petroleum (Oil & Gas industry in UAE)

"I am from South Africa and working in Iraq on a gas field as a generator supervisor, the company I am working for have a  Haulotte  HA18SPX Model 2009. It has broken down inside the gas plant and due to the current travel restrictions, the relevant personnel is not available to do any repairs. I was asked to remove the equipment asap. due that the gas plant is a highly hazardous environment. The man lift engine was running however it was stuck on an incline and there was no control action what so ever. My knowledge regarding this machine is the square root of zero so I was forced to get some help via the internet.

I found the website of Sterling Access in South Africa and contact Duanne Bodenstein via an Email, I must admit I was not very optimistic to get any help or reply. I was wrong within minutes I received a reply “how can we help. I explain the situation and mention it very clear that we as the company are not a client of Sterling Access but if posable he can give me some advice. His apply was the following “ any person who is in possessed of Haulotte man lift is a client of us no matter where u are”. I explained the situation and he promised me that Niel Nel will contact me via whatsapp. Niel contact me and step by step eliminate all the possibilities that could be wrong. Eventually, he said due to the incline is it posable the leveling switch is faulty and that one of the safety micro/safety switches is faulty. I went back to the plant and within minutes I could get the equipment out of the plant but only in “snail mode”. I call Neil again, again without hesitation he suggests that a safety switch is stuck and will mail me a diagram of all the safety switch locations. He did and whallah all problems solved.

Again I want to take the opportunity to thanks these employees from Sterling Access for there willingness to help, quick response, and professionalism, I am not used to it, they deserve a pat on the back."







One of the machines belonging to Sterling Access, Haulotte Distributor in South Africa.

The platform is assisting with the service and cleaning of the shovel in one of the opencast mines in the area of Witbank. The mine is one of Anglo American Mines.




Sterling Access is a South Africa based rental and sales company offering a wide range of mobile…

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