Spare parts


Genuine Haulotte spare parts ensure perfect compatibility while optimising the machines’ durability. All parts are tested and certified to guarantee a perfect quality and, in that way, maximise user safety while optimising the equipment’s service life and residual value.

As a genuine partner, Haulotte Services provides customers local support and facilitates part searches whether directly through its specialised technicians or on their own by using the innovative online tool.

 e-asy-spare-parts-com-vecto.png  is a highly efficient search engine that allows you to easily identify and order the part you need in record time while benefiting from additional discounts. 


And because meeting customer needs is a day-to-day priority, Haulotte Services ships orders within 24 hours* worldwide through its global network of seven logistics platforms. (* Subject to availability of inventory)
Haulotte Services manages a catalogue for Haulotte references and their replacements to ensure that your machines benefit from a long operational service life.


 The mission of the entire organisation for Haulotte original spare parts may be summarised as follow :            

Find the right part easily

Make it available without delay

Deliver it to the right destination                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Guarantee quality at the right price